VPN – Accessing internal services from home

Some of the services offered by the Hochschule Niederrhein can only be reached via the internal network. These include the digital library and the script server, for example. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to use these services from home as well.

The Hochschule Niederrhein offers VPN access to give you the opportunity to access intranet resources from outside the university as well. These include the digital library and the script server.

If you wish to use the virtual private network (VPN), you will need an Email address from the Hochschule Niederrhein. You can fill in the application form for your personal VPN Key on the German pages of CIS online.

You will receive an Email on your university Email address in just a few days to advise you that your certificate is ready for collection. You can then collect it in person from one of our IT Service Centres. Please bring along a USB stick, a passport photo and your Student ID card. We regret that we cannot send the certificate to you for security reasons.

If you have any questions or problems relating to VPN, our IT support will be pleased to assist you.