Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ about Language Centre

1. What does “the e-learning course component” mean?

"E-learning course component" is a working phase which is completed individually at the Language Centre with computer-based learning programs and/or the learning platform "Moodle". Its purpose is to help you expand and consolidate the material that is taught in the language courses. The time spent on each e-learning course component on site is registered by the Language Centre team.

2. How much time is required for the e-learning course component?

The e-learning course component is 1 lesson (= 45 min.) a week. It is 2 x 45 minutes for a crash course, block course or a semester break course and 10 x 45 minutes (= 7.5 hours) for a semester course that takes place once a week. On the other hand, it is 6 x 45 minutes (= 4.5 hours) for a semester course that takes place twice a week. You should do the required lesson hours on a weekly basis and must complete them by the last course session.

3. Can I do the e-learning course component on the Moodle learning platform as well?

The Moodle learning platform is designed as a supplement for the existing materials and exercises for the different language courses. You can complete a part of the e-learning course component on this platform, but the extent of it varies from course to course. You must fill out an account form at the Language Centre in order to be able to use this platform.

In the curricular courses, which require you to complete a part of the e-learning course component on the Moodle platform, the participants will automatically receive a Moodle account.

4. What is a crash course?

A crash-course is a two-week intensive course at the beginning of each semester.

5. What is the difference between a crash course in English and a crash course in another foreign language (e.g. Spanish, Italian, French etc.)?

The crash-course is offered at the levels A1-C1 and covers only one half (usually the first) of the level. Only after you have attended a course of the second half of that level, have you completed the entire level. For example, a student attends the crash course English A1.1 at the beginning of a semester. Following this course he/she must attend the semester course A1.2 in order to complete the whole level.

6. What is a block course?

A block course is a course divided into several blocks during the semester.

7. How do I register for a language course?

You can register online for the language courses.

8. How can I know the level of my language skills?

To get your own objective evaluation of your language skills you can take a placement test at the Language Centres and/or the online placement tests on the Language Centre website ("Sprachlehrveranstaltungen"). You can also schedule a consultation appointment with the Language Centre staff.

9. What do I get at the end of a language course?

After having attended a language course you can receive a graded certificate. Prerequisites for a graded certificate are regular attendance of the language course (max. up to 6 lessons absence in a 30-lesson course), completing the e-learning course component on time and taking part in the final exam.

10. Where can I pick up my certificate?

The course certificates can be picked up ca. 4 weeks after the end of the course at the Language Centre where the course was held.