Welcome to the Faculty of Design

The Faculty of Design evolved from a tradition of more than 100 years of design education and training in Krefeld. Building on this experience, we have been teaching design as a subject that actively shapes the world in terms of communication, spaces and products. designkrefeld takes on responsibility for a holistically designed world in which relations between people and their artificially created environments decisively form society.


The design training we offer in Bachelor's and Master's programmes combines artistic design with applied design practice plus a knowledge of design theory. Based on this self-conception, our students develop into independently working individuals, becoming designer personalities, and team-orientated problem-solvers.


designkrefeld has 24 full-time teachers, some 15 contract lecturers, highly-committed staff and outstanding workshops to provide an ideal studying environment with a wide and diverse range of opportunities for engaging in projects with external partners.


We carefully choose the 110 or so students we accept for each annual intake, because we attach great importance to providing intensive, individual support and supervision, as well as a personal climate.


Come and find out about us, we look forward to welcoming you here in the future.