Welcome to the Faculty of Health Care (FB 10)

The Faculty of Health Care is the latest faculty to join the Hochschule Niederrhein and was established in September 2010.

The degree programme in Health Care , built on its previous Diplom degree course, has been operating in this field since 1999, however. Over 500 students are currently studying here. They are taught and supervised by 8 professors from Faculty 10, by professors from other faculties, plus a large number of contract lecturers.
As from the Winter Semester 2011/12, Faculty 10 will offer a new degree programme in eHealth. The information about this programme is constantly updated, so please check our website(s) on a frequent basis.

Interested in studying in the field of Health Care?

We offer two degree programmes with differing core study areas:


  • Health Care

The core study areas here include the various fields of Business Administration and Management , Medicine and Diagnosis, as well as Applied Information Technology in the Health System.


You will find your future professional career path in fields such as Hospital Management, Health Insurance companies or providers as well as other health system institutions, as well as management consulting companies.


  • eHealth

This degree programme focuses above all on the field of Information Technology and Engineering in the Health System. Furthermore, Business Administration and the acquisition of key care processes in the Health System will be a core area in your future profession.


Your career prospects and perspectives will include, among other areas, the use of IT and Technology in hospitals and clinics, in Health Insurance companies and providers as well as other health system institutions, as well as companies working in the software or hardware branches of industry.


We look forward to welcoming you to FB 10!