Welcome to the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering


We have been training engineers and have been collaborating with companies located in and around the Niederrhein region for more than 50 years now. Students, staff and professors from the faculty see themselves as a community in which we can study, teach and research with each other in a climate of mutual respect and recognition. 90% of our graduates are successful in their career and would choose to study with us again.


The education and training offered in the forward looking engineering professions of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering covers undergraduate and cooperative (dual) Bachelor's programmes. All courses are taught in German only. We would recommend those interested in studying to try out our Online Study Advice Service. For those who enjoy engaging in research and who would like to advance themselves academically, we offer two Master's programmes which prepare students for demanding and ambitious positions in industry and in the public service. In accordance with our motto "Von Ingenieuren für Ingenieure" (From Engineers For Engineers) we provide a more strongly applied education and training and aim to work together with companies in order to ensure that our graduates have a strong practical focus.


Success in teaching and research requires trust and confidence - come and find out more about us on our website. If you need any further information about studying and working together, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Patric Enewoldsen
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering