Research and Transfer

Companies need to tackle the constantly-growing demands presented by the market and must actively address this challenge. Increasing competitive pressure demands new means of securing growth. To maintain their market position, company owners are being forced to broaden their product ranges or have to move into and occupy new markets with new products.


At the same time, companies also face the challenge of making their production workflows more efficient and manufacturing them more cost effectively with new technologies. Trained staff are crucial for to rapid and efficient use of new machinery and processes.


Time is a key factor in this process, since delaying too long or taking too long to get up and running can mean a loss of market privileges. Ever-shorter product lifecycles also mean shorter useful lives, meaning that returns on investment need to be secured via market share, not price.


One successful way to achieve entrepreneurial goals is to work in collaboration with expert partners.


Innovation prompts dialogue and cooperation

As a cooperation partner, the Hochschule Niederrhein offers a wealth of expertise to support the innovation process within in-house. We have a wide range of professors available to help companies resolve their questions with advice and practical help:


  • Developments that would tie up too much capacity in companies can be handed to the university as research and development projects
  • Limited, manageable questions can be addressed as thesis work
  • The professors offer advice, expertise and postgraduate training
  • Facilities and laboratories can be used inexpensively for measuring and testing.


The Research & Transfer management unit is a division of the Hochschule Niederrhein created to enable companies to maximise the benefit they gain from the professors' knowledge. It helps source the right expertise for unresolved questions and guarantees an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems.


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Research and Transfer

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